How to Shop Strategically during Sales?

How to shop strategically during sales? We are only in the second week of June and summer sales have already begun. It is strange to know that by the middle of July we probably will no longer be able to find warm weather clothes in stores.  The stores are already receiving their pre fall collections!  So what is the best way to take advantage of the sales happening now?

– We all know when the sales season usually starts where we live, though that may change a bit depending on factors such as the economy and whether the collection sells well, but it does not change a lot.  The best thing is to get prepared in advance, checking what we have in our closets and which pieces would be a good addition to it.

-Research the trends of the season, such as the colors, shapes, and silhouettes that will make our closets look current.  Probably you are not going to like all the trends or they are not going to fit your personal style, body type, or even your lifestyle.  For this spring and summer we are seeing lots of suede, gladiators sandals, pant courts or cropped pants, midi skirts, cropped tops, and lace.  If you don’t like the trend with full price, stay away of it even when it is half-off.

-There may be this item that you have been wanting to buy, but it was too expensive. If it has a good discount now and it is something that would make a difference in your closet, you may want to take up the opportunity.

-It is a good time to take advantage and buy good quality pieces that are the backbone of a good closet such as a navy or black blazer or a white shirt.  You will wear them for years. Take for example a good white shirt: You can wear it to the office with tailored pants, to the movies with jeans, or tied in the front with shorts.

-Go shopping with a list and a budget.  Try on everything (especially when returns are not an option) and wear good fitting underwear. Before buying anything remember to (always!) check  the finishing and if there are any defects.

Happy shopping !

Marcia, de NY

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