How a personal shopper in NYC could really help you?

In new times of new consumption habits and concern about changes in the economy, politics and environment in the world, talking about personal shopping in New York may seem only a stimulus to excessive spending. However, buying with the help of a qualified professional as a personal stylist does not mean that he/she will make the list of what “you have to have this season”. How a personal shopper in NYC could really help you? The good professional will understand your style and know where to find the clothes and accessories that fit well for your physical type and that fit your budget, as well as help you choose the colors that look good on you and discuss different ways of creating different looks with your clothes and accessories.

A trip to NYC is an opportunity to have days of experience, a break from the routine, see art exhibitions, go to the theater. I always say that shopping here should be just a part of the trip, as getting in and out of shops all day with a list created by your friends who came months ago can be a waste of time, frustration and regret. The collection in the store is no longer the same and the friend’s clothes do not necessarily work for you.

For our customers that live abroad, we offer the possibility of shopping all year round. Even though they are not here, they have access to different collections, besides promotions and sales. We know that the exchange rate is not favorable at the moment, but we also know that even financially it is still worth buying several things around here, just knowing where and when.

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Marcia Crivorot