Personal Shopping in New York

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We offer some possibilities of Personal Shopping in New York for you that are coming to town and think of including some good and thoughtful shopping in the program. Maybe discovering new stores and brands that you dont have in your city with no wasted time getting in and out of stores. After all, there is so much to do in the city …

If you are not yet our customer, we start with a Skype session so that we can understand what you like, what you need, where to buy. From there we can decide what would work best for you.

Here are the service options we offer:


A list of stores will be done according to our conversation, always taking into account your style and budget. Prior to our meeting, a pre-shopping will be done to make sure our time with you will be optimized. In addition, we will do research on promotions. So we will increase the chances that you will pay the lowest possible price.

You will be accompanied to the stores and we will discuss together the fit of the clothes, if the colors look good on you and the cost x benefit of the purchase.


If you have some specific items and set to buy, you can advance your purchases, mainly due to some promotion that happens before you come.

Also if the trip to New York is for business and the free time is short, we can take care of shopping and book an appointment at the hotel for you to try everything. What does not work, we take care of the return.

If there is a special occasion in the city, we can indicate a hairdresser and makeup artist.


If you want to come to New York and take advantage of new brands and stores with an innovative concept without necessarily shopping, we also create a super inspiring tour. In fact, we love it!


A lot of people ask us if it’s worth going to the outlet. In our Skype session we will discuss this idea with you.

We think it can sometimes be worth it and it depends on a number of things: the age of the family members, what people need and would like to buy, availability of time and season of the year. We can track and guide which shops to go to and what to buy. And especially, how to escape the traps that the outlets have. Yes, because there are many!


Some people prefer to shop alone taking their time. It may be because they are with family, or they have many appointments and they can not go to several stores on the same day. They also may not want to waste time, they like the idea of having a shopping script that is not just a list with store names. After all, the list your friends created may not have the clothes that look good on you, fit your budget or that will be available when you come!

After the initial Skype, we prepare the shopping itinerary according to what you want to see and it is in the stores during the period that you are in the city.

To contact us, email us at:

We hope to see you in New York City !!