Fashion Week’s Trends: Fall/Winter 18/19

Fashion Week trends, Fall/Winter 2018, crivorot scigliano , NYFW,

Tory Burch

The fashion Week season has ended and there are some trends we should be aware of. Because we participate in NYFW’s backstage, it consequently becomes our main source regarding trends and street style. However, we also follow LFW, MFW e PFW in order to understand other trends, and its relationship with current behaviors. Here are some examples of trends that caught our attention:

“Power Dressing”

The women’s empowerment movement of #MeToo and #TimesUp has brought more pink and red to the runaways. Other than in the collections, those colors were omnipresent in stores, restaurantes and coffee places in NY. The blazer was also the main piece in various looks. On the 80’s, it represented the women entering the job market, but nowadays, it represents women’s empowerment. The blazer gives women a strong, yet sexy, image. That is a great piece to invest in your wardrobe.

Fashion Week trends, Fall/Winter 2018, crivorot scigliano , NYFW,

        Fendi, Tom Ford e Moncler

“Modest” Style

One of the trends that grew the most since Alessandro Michele’s became the Creative Designer at Gucci is the “Modest” style. Many American brands have created collections that cover more the women’s body, leading to a hidden sexuality. Shirts buttoned all the way up with a lace, or midi-skirts with a slit are examples of a less evident sexy style.

Fashion Week trends, Fall/Winter 2018, crivorot scigliano , NYFW,

        Gucci, Calvin Klein, Versace

The Colors and Fabrics

Besides the red and pink mentioned before, the Yellow, neon and pastel colors were also omnipresent. There was a lot of black and white, as a reaction of the #Metoo movement. That said, neutral colors have an advantage, as they can be used for a longer period (sustainability movements). The monochromatic looks showed its power on elongating and bringing modernity to the look.

The fabric known as Clear Vinyl was seen in many Runaway shows, as well as in the stores and  in street style.

Fashion Week trends, Fall/Winter 2018, crivorot scigliano , NYFW,

Fendi, Marine Serre, Marni


Using colorful tights, or sparkly socks is an inexpensive way to make your outfit look more creative and cool. Moreover, we advice you to get a good checkered blazer. Mixing pastel colors (such as the one in checkered blazer) with neon can transform your look into a very modern outfit. Last, but not least, mixing light blue with burgundy and rose pink with red is an amazing combination that you should try for your looks.

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