Reasons to hire a Personal Shopper

Reasons to hire a Personal Shopper?

The Brazilian Manequim Magazine interviewed me to learn more about my job as a Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper in New York.

As I said in the interview, personal shopping is not only for people who has unlimited budget. It is adapted to every client’s style, budget and lifestyle.

This work can be done in various ways, and can include visiting brick-and-mortar stores, shopping online or doing a combination of both. Another option is to anticipate the purchases for clients visiting New York. Before the client arrives in the city, which happens a lot with clients that have a busy schedule while here.

The Personal Shopper service is a way to optimize shopping time, but still be updated with the trends. This service is focused on shopping consciously, but also saving time and money.

More about the personal styling and shopping services here.