How to Avoid Stains on Summer Clothes

We have explained how to take care of cashmere sweaters here, but today we are going to talk about how to avoid stains on summer clothes. As a personal stylist, it is very common for me to find stained clothes in your closet, specially in those garments that you don’t use on a daily basis. The reason why this happens is because we fold and keep our clothes in the closet for a long period, and do not realize it had a stain. A small, invisible wine or sunscreen drop can become a huge yellowish stain after a few weeks and months.

That said, if the season is changing and you know you will not wear the piece for months, I recommend to wash it at home or send it to the dry cleaning before folding it.  The plastic laundry bag is essential to protect the garment, however, once you put it back in your closet, remove the plastic so the garment can breathe. Last, but not least,  the laundry hanger can deform your clothes, so make sure you switch to your own hanger.

Photos: Staud and Tibi.