Do you want a suggestion for a holiday gift?


Recent research has concluded that experiences can be much more appreciated than buying products. For example, traveling is consider more fulfilling than buying a designer bag that can cost more than a very special trip. We have been receiving many inquiries about giving our services as special gifts. So: Do you want a great idea for a holiday gift? Give someone an experience that would bring many benefits.

We have two personal services to propose as wonderful holiday gifts:

  1. Wardrobe Consultation where he/she would benefit from:
  • Less stress in the mornings. Life is much easier when we know what to wear.
  • Learning how to wear the same piece in different ways – the closet seems to multiply!
  • A wardrobe that fits and reflects his/her lifestyle
  • Learning what really looks good on his/her

2. Color Analysis is a gift that the person is going to enjoy forever:

  • Knowing the best colors that enhance one’s natural beauty
  • Shopping better with confidence where to invest money
  • Learning about color combination, which is a trick to magnify one’s wardrobe
  • Knowing how to choose the best prints
  • Finding the best hair color options and make up

For more details about these services please send an email to

Marcia sees clients in NYC / Westchester NY and the tristate area. Check her instagram here.

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