10 Tips of How to Pack Strategically

There are some great tips out there about how to pack, but the truth is that women struggle a lot when deciding what to take to a trip. So I decided to write this post about 10 Tips to Pack Strategically considering that the luggage weight allowance is decreasing and travelers are opting for AirBnBs where help with the luggage is not expected. In addition to the fact that many cities have more efficient public transportation than taxi to and from the airport. So, a trip starts much better when we leave home lighter.

  1. Choose clothes that you can mix and match. If you are not sure if it will work, take a time to try on the looks and take photos. Having a cellphone album will help when you arrive at the hotel and don’t have to much time to get ready.
  2. It may sound weird to say this, but there is no problem in repeating clothes in a trip. You change the accessories, you change the look.
  3. Shoes are the biggest issue. You need to look for comfort and versatility, so high heels are probably not a good idea. Many cities are not even walkable in heels, do your research first. Medium to low heels blocked heels (or similar) are the most versatile and work day or night.
  4. Sneakers are the best shoes for trips. Take advantage that they are in fashion now and they look good (modern) with almost any clothes. Also there are so many styles to choose from. Just remember the test drive first. This here is a good one since you don’t need to wear socks.
  5. Choose one or two colors to be the theme of your travel capsule wardrobe. And add neutral colors. For example, when I do my winter escape trip from NY to the beach I usually choose blue plus another one and whites, and definitely I leave black in NY. You get more of separate pieces than dresses, so unless you are going to the beach, keep dresses to 1 or 2. But they need to be versatile, just think about changing accessories.
  6. Skip precious jewelry except the ones you wear all the time. But jewelry in general is a great accessory. Just keep to a reasonable quantity and consider weight. Be sure they go well with the clothes you have chosen. A tip from a newyorker: if it will be cold, skip long earrings and big hoops, you can loose them because of the scarves. Choose small to middle size ones. Same with gloves and rings.
  7. Light silk scarves are the best travel accessories, there are so many ways of wearing them: besides the neck, as belts or as a head band.
  8. I always suggest taking a pashimina to all destinations. I wear it in the airplane, as a scarf, when it gets chilly in the summer nights or in air conditioned places. Choose one color that goes with everything.
  9. If you are like me and love hunting for exquisite things at street markets when you travel, leave a free space and weight in your luggage.
  10. If the trip includes many places, change of hotels and trains, take the smallest luggage possible + a backpack. One small cross bag and a make up case that doubles as a clutch. I bet you have one, as an inspiration check this one here.

Are you planning a winter trip this year and you have no idea what to wear? Soon we are going to have some news at Crivorot Scigliano, stay tuned!