How to wear white boots?

How to wear white boots? People have been asking me this question quite a lot lately. On Fall 2017, I bought a pair of “bone” boots, meaning that its color is something between white and off-white. It was a great addition to my wardrobe, because it is an item that looks current and will make a difference on my looks. Despite of the heels, this is the most comfortable boots I have, and I wear it a lot (even to walk around Manhattan!). Unfortunately, it gets dirty really easy, but cleaning it with water and soap is an easy and fast way to make the boots look brand new again.

But How to wear white boots? They will probably be the focal point of the look, therefore, I always try to wear with cropped pants that will show them. I also like to wear it with monochromatic looks, and even combining with an all-black outfit. Wearing white boots with dresses and skirts is super trendy and cool. See below the Fall 2019 Collection of Sea, and get inspired to create looks with white boots.

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Photos: Rose Petrillo, Vogue Runway.

Marcia, from New York