Marcia Crivorot

The appreciation of personal style as a strong communication power is what fascinates this “carioca” who lives in New York. The unlimited cultural and artistic options in the city are the inspiration for her work. Multiculturalism also comes from her life story, Marcia lived in Puerto Rico, Mexico and Singapore. Abroad, she took the opportunity to get to know and try new ideas, mainly linked to the arts. It sharpened her aesthetic sense that landed in the fashion world, which was actually an old passion.

She studied with Ilana Berenholc in Brazil and is a Image Consultant certified at FIT in New York. She works with women and men of all nationalities living in the US and abroad, even at a distance, and also helps tourists to make good purchases in a few hours in NYC. Together with her partner Silvia Scigliano, she created the NY Fashion Tour, an innovative experience during NY fashion week. Marcia is recognized for the sophistication, joy and energy with which she develops her work as a Fashion Strategist of Style and Image.


Silvia Scigliano

Graduated in Business Administration in São Paulo – Brazil, after 5 years in the financial market, she decided to follow her passion for fashion.

She worked with a private label and had her own business in São Paulo. When she moved to New York in 2006, she started dedicating herself to Image Consulting, graduating at F.I.T. and being an A.I.C.I. certified member.

Recently she moved back to São Paulo and work as Image Consultant for individuals and as Fashion Consultant for national brands


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