Top 10 coolest stores and brands in Rio de Janeiro

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Last Winter Break, I went to Rio de Janeiro, and had the chance to visit many stores and brands. Above are the Top 10 coolest stores and brands in Rio de Janeiro. Some stores, such as Andrea Marques and Lenny are a mandatory stop if you are in Rio, because they are very creative and timeless brands and their quality is excellent. See below some of the most interesting brands and stores in Rio.

1. One of the best discoveries was Haight, a Brazilian beachwear brand that sells at Net-a-Porter, Moda Operandi, Matches, and on brick-and-mortar stores throughout the world. The store in Leblon is super pretty, and it is worth the visit. The swimsuits and bikinis don’t have the traditional Brazilian style, as they are very sophisticated and minimalist.

Casa de Antonia

2.  Casa de Antonia is a multi-brand store with differentiated apparel and accessories for people who are looking for exclusive and cool merchandise. The customer service is great because it is Antonia, the owner and curator of the store, who will probably assist you.


3. It has been a long time since I follow Wymann, however, I have never been to their store in Rio. The merchandise in the Rio Design Mall store is very different from what I normally see here in New York. Wymann is an expensive store, but I was lucky that their store in Rio had some items on sale.
Carol Mac Dowell

4. I saw the purses from Carol Mac Dowell in many stores in Rio. The purses are very interesting, have great quality, and the fabrics and materials are super differentiated.

5. The Ipanema 2000 has a lot of interesting brands, but one specifically caught my attention. Naai sells comfortable and minimalist apparel with high quality fabrics. Her size range is very broad, which is something rare in Rio de Janeiro. Naai’s involvement with sustainability makes the brand even more interesting.
Bossa Social

6. Who else needs basic items in their closet? It was great to discover Bossa Social on the Forum de Ipanema. Their merchandise is very basic, however, they have the bossa necessary to make it cool and stylish.
Jailson Marcos

7.  Jailson Marcos is from the northeast of Brazil, therefore, his shoes are influenced by the Brazilian countryside and cowboys. Jailson Marcos has a lot of vegan options in the store.

8.  Oficina is a men store in the Leblon Shopping that is a part of the Reserva Group. They offer custom-made shirts, and also have a barber shop in-store.

9. Obra is another multi-brand store that has apparel, accessories and even decoration objects that are very interesting and unique.  I suggest that you visit the store with plenty of time to look thought their merchandise carefully.

10. The first Havaianas store I went has in Singapore a few years ago, but now they are everywhere. The store on Garcia D’Avila, however, is the prettiest one. It is really nice to see people from all over the world visiting the store to chose their new Havaianas. I have more Havaianas than a citizen of New York need, so I focused on their sunglasses.

Do you have plans to go to Rio? Make sure you write down those brands and stores’ names to visit in your vacation to Brazil!
Marcia, from New York.

How to wear white boots?

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How to wear white boots? People have been asking me this question quite a lot lately. On Fall 2017, I bought a pair of “bone” boots, meaning that its color is something between white and off-white. It was a great addition to my wardrobe, because it is an item that looks current and will make a difference on my looks. Despite of the heels, this is the most comfortable boots I have, and I wear it a lot (even to walk around Manhattan!). Unfortunately, it gets dirty really easy, but cleaning it with water and soap is an easy and fast way to make the boots look brand new again.
But How to wear white boots? They will probably be the focal point of the look, therefore, I always try to wear with cropped pants that will show them. I also like to wear it with monochromatic looks, and even combining with an all-black outfit. Wearing white boots with dresses and skirts is super trendy and cool. See below the Fall 2019 Collection of Sea, and get inspired to create looks with white boots.

What do you think about white boots? We would love to hear from you.
Photos: Rose Petrillo, Vogue Runway.
Marcia, from New York

Pantone Color of the Year 2019 is Living Coral

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The Pantone color of the year 2019 is Living Coral, it was just announced last Thursday. The color of the year is normally chosen considering the most used colors on the Spring/Summer collections of the New York Fashion Week. This hue was already seen in some last Spring collections and we expect to see much more for the next season that will soon arrive in the stores.
The color of the year is always a reflection of the cultural moment of the world and its behavioral trends. The Living Coral is related to the growing awareness about the environment, as corals are being widely destroyed because of global warming, hurricanes and irresponsible tourism.
As Pantone described, the “Living Coral emits the desired, familiar, and energizing aspects of color found in nature. In its glorious, yet unfortunately more elusive, display beneath the sea, this vivifying and effervescent color mesmerizes the eye and mind. Lying at the center of our naturally vivid and chromatic ecosystem, PANTONE Living Coral is evocative of how coral reefs provide shelter to a diverse kaleidoscope of color.”
This color is very vivifying and effervescent, and its pink tones can also be associated with the feminist movements happening throughout the world. The living color can be easily used in different products, and it will certainly be seen in the beauty and decoration industries.
There is also a retro/vintage vibe on the Living Coral, as it was widely seen during the 60’s and 80’s. This hue can also represent convivial, being related to social interaction and real experiences. That said, it is not a mistake that Airbnb just chose coral as their logo’s hue.
On the fashion industry, the Living Coral is considered a warm subtone. It is not hard to combine with other colors, but we advice you to mix with either blue or red tones, as they are the Coral’s complementar and analog colors.
Last, but not least, the Living Coral “…embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment.”
You can check here the post about the 2018 color: Ultra violet.
Photos: Pantone, Nordstrom, Pinterest







Marcia, from New York

7 ways to wear sparkling clothes

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Sparkling clothes and accessories – sequins, lurex, glitter, etc. are a big trend this Fall/Winter. We have seen them in the fashion shows and they are at almost every store in NYC. If you like the style and are thinking about buying something new for the holiday parties, here are 7 ways to wear sparkling clothes this season. And make more use of your new shining piece of clothing.
Do you feel too complicated to style your clothes in different ways? Here is something that could help you.

A midi length with long sleeve dress looks so good with unexpected booties and a textured handbag.

A colorful sequined skirt looks playful with a T shirt and white pumps.

A mini one-shoulder dress is so 80’s, but looks current.

Wool is the opposite of sequins, it is soft and opaque. The same as a turtleneck and a skirt with a slit. That’s why this outfit looks so good.

Clochard sequined pants are nothing but traditional, that’s why it looked good with a lurex sweater.

This silver dress could go to any party, but with a black turtleneck and white boots it looks specially cool.

The same skirt above with an oversized sweater looks very modern.
Are you thinking about buying any sparkling piece of clothing this holiday season?
Photos: ShopBop, Kirna Zabête, My Theresa, Moda Operandi.

Is Victoria Secret’s connected with women?

A Victoria's Secret está conectada com as mulheres?, lingerie, conexão da marca com cliente, movimento me too, tendência de comportamento, Crivorot Scigliano, Victoria's Secret conectando clientes, Third Love

The Fashion talk of the moment is the interview  Ed Razek, the CMO of Victoria’s Secret, gave to Vogue. He was questioned why the brand does not yet have inclusivity and diversity in the models participating in their famous runaway show. His answer was that the show is a fantasy and nobody wanted to see diversity. They received so many angry social media comments that this might have accelerated the departure of their CEO. Our question is – Is Victoria’s Secret connected with women?
For a long time we have been talking in our workshops and courses in Brazil about new underwear brands in the market that are much more connected with women: Third Love, Aerie, True & Co and Everlane. And that there is negative impact in Victoria’s Secret sales. An article in the NY Times this Sunday says that despite the fact they are still market leaders, the stock of the company is down 41%. The runway show had 9.7 millions viewers in 2103, decreasing to 5 millions viewers in 2017. The crisis of the malls in the US is said to be part of the problem. 
Another reason could be that women are less interested in push-up bras and are choosing to wear more natural and comfortable underwear. Ed Razek also said in the interview that Victoria’s Secret doesn’t want to be the third love, they wanted to be the first love of all women. It was a clear reference to the underwear brand Third Love that was created by women, sells online, makes different nudes tones considering different skin colors and makes 70 different sizes. And also has photos of real women instead of models with perfect bodies in their website. Better than this, they guide the client in the website for her to be able to choose the best style and size for her. She can order it, wear for one month and then decide if it is a good fit for her body and lifestyle. If there is a return, the bra is donated to someone that can’t afford to buy one. 
The Third Love founder Heidi Zak wrote a beautiful open letter to Victoria’s Secret that was in the NY Times this Sunday as well: ”Your show may be a fantasy but we live in reality. Our reality is that women wear bras in real life as they go to work, breastfeed their children, play sports, care for ailing parents, and serve their country.” “It’s time to stop telling women what makes them sexy – let us decide.” “We may not have been a woman’s first love but we will be her last. To all women everywhere, we see you, and we hear you. Your reality is enough. To each, her own.”

As a women and a personal stylist that works with real women, I know how frustrating it is to not feel inclusivity in a store. I know how difficult and sensitive can be to buy a bra. The majority of women wear wrong sizes and underwear is the foundation of our wardrobe, making all difference in how clothing looks. Also how can it be difficult dealing with all the changes in our lives, hormonal fluctuations, pregnancies, breastfeeding, menopause, not mentioning diseases, all affecting our self-esteem. In times of #MeToo and #TimesUp, nothing makes less sense than a women underwear brand created to please men.
Isn’t fascinating to see this happening? What is your opinion about this? I would love to hear it. 

10 Tips of How to Pack Strategically

10 Dicas de Como Fazer Mala, como fazer uma mala leve, ideias para mala, Crivorot Scigliano, personal stylist

There are some great tips out there about how to pack, but the truth is that women struggle a lot when deciding what to take to a trip. So I decided to write this post about 10 Tips to Pack Strategically considering that the luggage weight allowance is decreasing and travelers are opting for AirBnBs where help with the luggage is not expected. In addition to the fact that many cities have more efficient public transportation than taxi to and from the airport. So, a trip starts much better when we leave home lighter.

Choose clothes that you can mix and match. If you are not sure if it will work, take a time to try on the looks and take photos. Having a cellphone album will help when you arrive at the hotel and don’t have to much time to get ready.
It may sound weird to say this, but there is no problem in repeating clothes in a trip. You change the accessories, you change the look.
Shoes are the biggest issue. You need to look for comfort and versatility, so high heels are probably not a good idea. Many cities are not even walkable in heels, do your research first. Medium to low heels blocked heels (or similar) are the most versatile and work day or night.
Sneakers are the best shoes for trips. Take advantage that they are in fashion now and they look good (modern) with almost any clothes. Also there are so many styles to choose from. Just remember the test drive first. This here is a good one since you don’t need to wear socks.
Choose one or two colors to be the theme of your travel capsule wardrobe. And add neutral colors. For example, when I do my winter escape trip from NY to the beach I usually choose blue plus another one and whites, and definitely I leave black in NY. You get more of separate pieces than dresses, so unless you are going to the beach, keep dresses to 1 or 2. But they need to be versatile, just think about changing accessories.
Skip precious jewelry except the ones you wear all the time. But jewelry in general is a great accessory. Just keep to a reasonable quantity and consider weight. Be sure they go well with the clothes you have chosen. A tip from a newyorker: if it will be cold, skip long earrings and big hoops, you can loose them because of the scarves. Choose small to middle size ones. Same with gloves and rings.
Light silk scarves are the best travel accessories, there are so many ways of wearing them: besides the neck, as belts or as a head band.
I always suggest taking a pashimina to all destinations. I wear it in the airplane, as a scarf, when it gets chilly in the summer nights or in air conditioned places. Choose one color that goes with everything.
If you are like me and love hunting for exquisite things at street markets when you travel, leave a free space and weight in your luggage.
If the trip includes many places, change of hotels and trains, take the smallest luggage possible + a backpack. One small cross bag and a make up case that doubles as a clutch. I bet you have one, as an inspiration check this one here.

Are you planning a winter trip this year and you have no idea what to wear? Soon we are going to have some news at Crivorot Scigliano, stay tuned! 

Do you want a suggestion for a holiday gift?

Do you want a suggestion for a holiday gift?, ideas for holiday gift, experiences as holiday gift, personal styling, personal stylist, image consultant, style consultant, NYC, Westchester, tri state area, Marcia Crivorot

Recent research has concluded that experiences can be much more appreciated than buying products. For example, traveling is consider more fulfilling than buying a designer bag that can cost more than a very special trip. We have been receiving many inquiries about giving our services as special gifts. So: Do you want a great idea for a holiday gift? Give someone an experience that would bring many benefits.
We have two personal services to propose as wonderful holiday gifts:

Wardrobe Consultation where he/she would benefit from:

Less stress in the mornings. Life is much easier when we know what to wear.
Learning how to wear the same piece in different ways – the closet seems to multiply!
A wardrobe that fits and reflects his/her lifestyle
Learning what really looks good on his/her

2. Color Analysis is a gift that the person is going to enjoy forever:

Knowing the best colors that enhance one’s natural beauty
Shopping better with confidence where to invest money
Learning about color combination, which is a trick to magnify one’s wardrobe
Knowing how to choose the best prints
Finding the best hair color options and make up

For more details about these services please send an email to
Marcia sees clients in NYC / Westchester NY and the tristate area. Check her instagram here.
All personal services provided by Crivorot Scigliano are here.

10 ideas of how to wear cardigans

10 ideas of how to wear cardigans, how to wear cardigan, cardigan, sweater, fall winter 2018, fall winter outfits inspiration, Crivorot Scigliano, Marcia Crivorot, personal stylist, image consultant, NYC, Westchester NY, White Plains NY

Cardigans might look a bit difficult to be worn in a modern way, at least I hear this complain from my clients. They happily buy one and every time they try to wear it, they say it looks like classic office attire. So here are 10 ideas of how to wear a cardigan.
A cashmere cardigan is a perfect layering piece for Fall Winter, and is very versatile as well. It also fits any personal style, from the most classic elegant women to modern creative people. This is because it feels very current now, part of the vintage mood that is a huge trend in the past few years. Just think about Gucci aesthetic success since Alessandro Michele had assumed as their head designer.
There are many new interesting styles this season, but it is all about how to wear it. And how is the best way of wearing a cardigan and look current? Here are 10 photos to inspire you. Some ideias include wearing a cardigan instead of a shirt under a blazer or wearing it with a belt. Changing buttons is a simple and easy DIY, you can even add some extra buttons inspired in some styles of this season (see photo below).
Some trendy styles these past seasons are a bit oversized, so pulling the sleeves look better if you are petite. Also, consider the rest of the look, choose more casual pieces such as a T shirt and denim or a contemporary dress if you don’t want an all “vintage look”.









Read here our post about 10 Fall Winter Sweaters.
Photos, Pinterest, Tibi, Isabel Marant, Net-a-Porter.

10 Fall Winter 2018 Sweaters

10 Tricots de Outono Inverno 2018 em Nova York, ideias de suéters de outono inverno, sweaters de outono inverno, Fall Winter 2018, outono 2019, Inspiração de tricots de outono inverno, Crivorot Scigliano, Marcia Crivorot, personal stylist em Nova York, personal shopper em Nova York

Sweater season is officially open! There are so many interesting options in the stores, including some ideas about how to customize one you already own!  So here are 10 Fall Winter 2018 Sweaters, all different in style and composition.
Taking care of the sweaters is very important, they are the most delicate pieces of clothing that we have. And they are expensive. So take a look at how hand wash sweaters in this post here.
Warm and cozy, can be worn backwards
Oversized with neon details, very trendy
Embellishment details make this sweater ready to party
Sporty inspiration
Faux fur pocket
Colors and textures with a handmade feeling
Sweaters can be sexy
For romantic girls
The power of sleeves, very trendy now
Which one is your favorite?
Brands: Ulla Johnson, Ba&Sh, Tibi, Sandro, Peter Pilotto, Monse, Sezane, Isabel Marant

Cuyana: Conscious and accessible fashion

Cuyana: Conscious and accessible fashion, conscious fashion, timeless clothing, ethical fashion, slow fashion, store in NoLIta NYC, Fewer Better, personal stylist in NYC, personal stylist in Westchester NY, personal shopper in NYC, personal shopper in Westchester NY, Crivorot Scigliano, Marcia Crivorot

A question that we hear from our clients and students that are really interested in sustainable fashion: Is it possible for an ethical piece of clothing not to be outrageously expensive? First of all, being sustainable could mean different possibilities, and many brands that have this concept prefer to call themselves eco-conscious or ethical. But the answer is yes, there are interesting options and this post is about one of them – Cuyana: Conscious and accessible fashion.
The brand has recently opened a permanent physical store in NoLIta NYC.  Previously they had two pop-up stores here. Cuyana, which means To Love in Qechua was founded by two women in San Francisco with the concept of Fewer, Better, what we also call Slow Fashion, in opposition of Fast Fashion. They say they create timeless collections with attention to detail, and being direct-to-consumer they can practice more affordable prices.
As a personal stylist, I always suggest to my clients to shop strategically, look for ethical brands if it is possible, considering that timeless pieces can be worn in different occasions just changing the styling. This is what I call the dream wardrobe.





All photos are from Cuyana website.


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